Studio Eight Social

Pleased to meet you.

We are a small but mighty team of very clever* Facebook marketing experts that work with female success coaches to grow their biz.

Right now, you are looking for someone who you can trust to help build your profile and a solid lead generation funnel that can deliver your quality clients regularly. Because you are here, I am guessing you are after a real life person that you can connect with, not an off-shore or robotic service that you can’t communicate with.

My name is Kara de Schot, and I am the Lead Strategist here at Studio Eight Social. I have been working with high-ticket success coaches (both male and female) for a while now and know the importance of having a lead generation system in place. I also know the time and dedication it takes to develop a mult-tiered digital sales funnel with consistent monitoring and audience testing to keep it working as optimally as possible for you.

Before we begin working with a client we will undertake a Facebook account audit, where we check the health of your existing setup, your funnel components and your creative assets. Often times we need to make recommendations on things you need to have in order before we can proceed.

This is an important step in the process, as we work from a base of honesty and integrity, we won’t just take on any client knowing full well that with sub-standard foundations they won’t be converting any leads no matter how many we send their way.

So for the campaigns to be successful we need to know the setup is slick from the outset. Don’t worry though, we can guide you and advise you when we meet for an initial no-obligation strategy call.

We understand that the quicker you can launch your new digital campaign, the quicker you can start generating new leads and building your empire! So don’t faff** for another second, let’s get to it!

Kara x

*very clever – it is unashamedly true, which is great news for you!
**faffing – what people do when there lots of activity but no action.

Real people, in a real office, on real chairs. No outsourcing.